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Web Development is tricky. To do it successfully you need knowledge, talent, commercial awareness, and years of experience. You need to have your finger on the pulse of technology and constantly keep up-to-date with the latest achievements and discoveries in the world of programming language. We maintain our own knowledge base and regularly attend industry conferences. Its an ever evolving, constantly moving industry and it takes lots of hard work to stay at the bleeding edge – but that’s why we love it! SKB Infotech have, over many years, built the required knowledge and skills necessary to deliver world-class enterprise applications based on Microsoft technologies. We also maintain our focus on improving our internal process, learning new technologies, proven patterns and best practices. Put it simply, we love what we do.

Operation Integration

The SKB Infotech Team is more than happy to co-exist with your existing staff. Our people will provide your staff with shift reports after working either in tandem with your staff or as an after-hours, full service solution.

24/7 Office Availability

We employ several strategies to keep our office online when those around us are not. Employing redundant Internet connections is just one way that APS Infotech ensures availability of our staff to your customers at all times.

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HTML, JAVA, Dot Net, PHP, MySql,Linux, C, C++, etc
Shell, Perl, Python, Sed / Awk
Flash Animator / Flash Scripter etc

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